Monday, December 26, 2016

Keith Ellison being co-opted too?

Dore makes a good point in the video below. Starting around 2:55 he discusses Ellison's recent Tweet that if you think Hillary is corrupt then you're buying 25 years of GOP propaganda. Yes, the GOP has been exaggerating Clinton's problems and even making shit up. But no, that doesn't negate the facts on Clinton's Wall Street ties and her and the Dem Party being badly corrupted by Wall Street money. Even Sanders made this very case during the primaries.

So why is Ellison trying to paint this "you're either for us or against us" picture?
Dore speculates that perhaps he's trying to unite the Dem Party again, to bring the corporatists around to progressive reform. But it seems more like the other way around, as it's the same thing that happened to Sanders when he lost the primary and then supported Clinton. They both think they can reform the Dem Party, and that Ellison getting the DNC chair is going to do that. But the DNC, just like the Dem Party, is throwing that bone to co-opt Ellison just like they've done with Sanders.

Given that the real power resides with the minority leaders in the House and Senate, and that they are both typical corporate Dems, Sanders and Ellison are being used for the appearance of a progressive shift in the Party while maintaining the status quo. Same thing happened in the election when a lot of progressives didn't buy this prevarication and took their votes elsewhere. And it will happen again and again forever if the Party doesn't truly shift to the progressive wing in those positions of power. And I'm sorry to tell you Sanders and Ellison, that just ain't going to happen. And Cornell West and lots of others know it.

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