Friday, December 23, 2016

Science and emancipatory spirituality

Continuing from this post, the edited excerpt below on science and emancipatory spirituality from NSP sounds like integral theory and practice.

"Each stage in the development of the universe incorporates and transcends that which went before. [...] Each stage of history, in turn, makes fur
ther developments possible which finally bring us to the present moment. That evolving reality has been understood through much of recorded history as an integrated and mutually interacting web of body, mind, soul and spirit. When we faced problems in our human reality, we often understood those problems to be dysfunctions in the way these different levels of reality interacted with each other."

"We are 'holons,' entities who are simultaneously separate beings seeking to maintain our own individual existence and parts of something much bigger than ourselves. In the contemporary world, it’s easy to understand the consciousness of ourselves as separate beings, but it’s very hard to develop a sense of ourselves as part of the unity of all being."

“In some spiritual traditions, the solution to this problem is to obliterate the individual ego. The ego itself is seen as the big problem, so the solution is to overcome it. Emancipatory Spirituality, on the other hand, does not seek to obliterate the ego, but to put it in balance with the rest of the universe. […] Emancipatory Spirituality teaches that every one of us is standing on the platform of thousands of previous generations of human beings. We inherited the wisdom, the language, the categories, and the work of the past.”

“On the platform of embodied love we have received from the universe, we can create our world afresh. We are poised to take the next step in the evolution of human consciousness. […] Much of human history has been the history of smaller groups beginning to see common interests and ties to larger groups, first as clans, then as tribes, then as peoples, then as nations. The next stage of human history requires that we take the next step in the evolution of consciousness and begin to see ourselves as one -- as deeply connected, sharing one planet. […] The next stage in the evolution of our spiritual consciousness will be facilitated when we internalize the awareness that you and I are deeply linked to the other six billion human beings who share this planet. But more than that — we are interdependent with all the other creatures that are traveling with us on spaceship earth, and beyond that, with all life throughout the universe.”


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