Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Dance and superfluidity

As a dancer I'm also interested in how that art induces states akin to meditation, since I have experience with both. This article discusses how dance induces peak performance through cerebrum and cerebellum integration to elicit superfluity. The article links to his previous article on superfluidity, which he describes thusly:
"Superfluidity is the supreme Flow experience. It is an ego-less state of 'Super Flow' marked by zero friction (rubbing/slowing), zero viscosity (resistance to flowing) and Superconductivity (zero loss of energy). [...] Superfluidity is a state of perfect harmony. When you are so immersed in what you are doing that you completely become one with the task at hand to the point that your ego dissolves you are in a state of Superfluidity."

I don't see that research has been done on this in terms of parasympathetic and sympathetic systems, or alpha and gamma waves. But the description seems to suggest one is engaging both, since both the arousal and relaxation responses are elicited.

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