Saturday, September 27, 2014

Regressive morality

From Robert Reich's FB page:

"At yesterday’s Values Voter Summit – the annual gathering of social conservatives that’s a critical step for Republican presidential hopefuls – Texas Senator Ted Cruz told the redemptive story of his alcoholic parents to show the role faith has played in his life, and Kentucky Senator Rand Paul told the crowd how liberty, virtue, and God were intertwined.

"When Republicans talk about morality, they talk about God and redemption. But they don't mention the immorality of one in five of American children being impoverished, of cuts in food stamps that are causing many to go hungry, and of reduced education funding that’s condemning them to lousy schools. They don't talk about the immorality of declining worker incomes when corporations are making record profits and CEOs are taking home record pay. They leave out the immorality of billionaires flooding our democracy with money to elect candidates that will make them even richer. We are in a moral crisis but it has nothing to do with private redemption. It is a crisis of public morality, and the redemption of America."

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