Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Enlightenment dissociation and poor framing

Recall from this Koestler source thread that "the regenerative potential of organisms and societies manifests itself in fluctuations from the highest level of integration down to earlier, more primitive levels, and up again to a new, modified pattern." We can integrate and re-program evolutionary wiring. As I argue in the fold thread it's not about every-increasing complexity but about a more fully conscious integration. Just adding complexity only continues the metaphysical underpinnings of an abstract ego divorced from individual and collective bodies, including the environment.

Btw, this agrees with Wilber's notion of modernism's dissociation of the value spheres. We differentiated them, an advance, but then instead of fully integrating them they went into dissociation. This is an ongoing phenomenon and one in which even kennilingus (and the rest of us) unconsciously participates. But we can get over it.

As to how this affects political framing, per Lakoff so many liberals are stuck in 'false reason.' I.e., the dissociation inherent to the Enlightenment paradigm. Conservatives have a better handle on integrating the pre-rational moral values and use that in their framing accordingly. Yet its a mythic moral code. The liberals have the better moral code but via their abstract Enlightenment dissociative language aren't connecting to that higher moral code. A more conscious integration at the liberal level would inculcate 'real' reason and better framing. We could say that the mean green meme is a continuation of this dissociation started in modernism, while healthy green is this integration.

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