Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Global Center for Advanced Studies

Joseph referenced GCAS in the IPS forum. I appreciate this from CGAS's about page, indeed resonant with the focus in my blog: "Committed to ideas, art and justice for the oppressed. [...] We need each other to do this believing that banks and corporate interests should not continue to dictate the terms on which 'education' is determined. We want to create an education that is inclusive, democratic, and committed to justice for the oppressed." I'd add that I want to enact a political-economic system along the same lines.

Joseph also referenced the GCAS course "Formalism for Ontology and Politics," to which I replied:

Indeed. I've written quite a bit about Priest's paraconsistent logic. And how that relates to and in part refutes the Model of Hierarchical Complexity, as the latter depends on "naive set theory" with its metaphysical basis. And of course how this relates to the politics of those kinds of developmental models with said unconscious biases.

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