Friday, September 5, 2014

Fight Citizens United

From the Other 98%:

This Monday will be a showdown between we the people and so called “corporate people.”  The US Senate will vote on Tom Udall’s Constitutional amendment to reverse Citizens United and stop the flow of secret money into politics. The Bill now has a whopping 48 co-sponsors.  

Join us in demanding the Senate pass this constitutional amendment to get money out of politics.  

The movement to get money out of politics is growing fast; 16 states and more than 400 local governments have used ballot initiatives, resolutions or other measures to call on Congress to overturn Citizens United. 75% of Americans now believe that there is too much money in our political system. With those kinds of numbers, a Constitutional Amendment is possible.  

We’re putting the Senate on notice: heed the will of the people and vote yes on Sen. Udall’s amendment.  

Citizens United has done damage on a global scale over its four-year lifespan, but the damage is not irreversible. We can amend the Constitution and take back our democracy. Thanks for everything you do to make this a better world.  

Sincerely,  John Sellers 
The Other 98%

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