Monday, September 22, 2014

What Americans really want

The following is from Populist Majority on where we the people really stand.

If you believe the mainstream media, America is a center-right nation that supports smaller government and lower taxes. If you believe the pundits, what Americans care about most is the deficit. It's not true.
Americans know the rules are rigged (69%), and the rich and special interests have too much power in Washington (63%).
Americans want to raise the minimum wage (72%), rebuild our infrastructure (71%) and make the hedge fund managers and corporations pay their fair share (68%).
Americans want to invest in public education (69%) and for Congress to protect programs that provide help for the most vulnerable (86%).
That's why we created the Populist Majority. It's a new project from Campaign for America's Future that will present the facts, challenge the media, and arm activists and political leaders with the truth.
  • 69% favor raising the minimum wage to $10.10.

  • 54% favor raising taxes on the wealthy and corporations to expand programs for the poor.

    USA Today/Pew Research Center
  • 60% believe the economic system in this country unfairly favors the wealthy.

    USA Today/Pew Research Center
  • 69% think the government should act to reduce the gap between the rich and everyone else.

    USA Today/Pew Research Center

  • 97% would support a federal law that imposes tough, new anti-corruption laws for politicians, lobbyists, and Super PACs.

    Represent.Us/MFour Market Research and Tulchin Research
  • 69% think the policies of the Republican party generally favor the rich

    CNN/ORC Poll

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