Friday, September 5, 2014

The regressive view should NOT be integrated

These legislators are truly regressive. Do we really think that this ideology is just the equal and opposite of the progressive view that needs to be 'integrated?' See the article for the 10 recent examples.

"Instead of moving more to the center, the Republican Party and the Tea Party have resolved to 'rally the base' by doubling down on their insanity, especially in the Deep South and Texas, where it is much easier to push a far-right agenda than it is in more centrist or liberal-leaning parts of the United States. And in a mid-term election year like 2014, railing against their usual targets—African Americans, gays, immigrants, atheists, women seeking abortions and pretty much anyone else who isn’t a white male Christian fundamentalist over 50—is an all-too-familiar GOP get-out-the-vote strategy for the Bible Belt. Here are 10 examples of Republicans showing their 'southern hospitality' in 2013 and 2014 with oppressive laws, bills and official platforms in the Deep South and Texas."

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