Monday, September 1, 2014

Montuori on education today

See this recent Montuori Integral World article on his perception of academia today. One aspect highlighted therein we discussed in the IPS Quacademics thread is how collegiate scholars are out to make a name, to discern themselves as creating a unique contribution. Hence it reinforces the notion of a self-made person based solely on their own merits while deemphasizing or ignoring the societal and cultural shoulders on which one stands. It's an imbalance of autonomy and knowledge ownership in distinction with open, peer to peer knowledge generation. Sure, there can be a balance of autonomous individuals within the P2P paradigm, but that seems the exception rather than the rule in current academia. There are signs of change though as noted in Rifkin's chapter 7, for example.
Another of Montuori's examples I appreciated is a learning environment of peers that are not afraid to put out tentative ideas and work together to develop them. It sounded a lot like what we do at IPS.

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