Monday, September 29, 2014

William Desmond

Balder started a new IPS thread on the above. Some of my comments so far follow.

It does sound like a lot of the various and sundry contemporary philosophies we've discussed in the forum. All of which could be considered in/of the new wave of popo, pama or paraphysics I brought up in a FB forum. We've compared this new wave to Wilber's work, and while the latter is in some ways like these others, in other ways it is not.

Have you given any further thought to my proposition that prepositions, and other parts of speech, are the linguistic extension of image schema? The latter, while pre-positioning language, do not just extend into linguistic prepositions but all parts of speech. And as I noted elsewhere, image schema as basic categories are in the middle of classical hierarchies so fulfill this 'in between' ontological nature. Which itself changes the nature of how we see hierarchy (and holarchy), a key ingredient in many philosophies. We see it manifest in all these contemporary philosophies of the between, multiplicity, relationship, even in OOO, as well as the more metaphysical ones. Yet none of them have made this connection to how image schema and its linguistic extension in metaphor explain said philosophies and contextualize them cross-paradigmatically.

Aside from Lakoff and company, that is. And you with your onto-choreography. I know you used them in a recent paper, but this notion of the 'in between' is not really limited to linguistically prepositional philosophies but seems a rather overall cross-paradigmatic shift in contemporary philosophy. Granted each may emphasize a particular grammatical element, but the overall zeitgeist seems more image-schematic pre-positional.

They are, in Desmond's terms, the embodied and empirical basis of "the khora-like affordance for each" form of metaphysics above, as well as each part of speech. Recall my comparison of IS with khora here. And our comments a few posts above that on this topic.

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