Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Reframing corruption into gratitude

See this piece by Bill Moyers and Michael Winship. Gratitude is how Chief Justice Roberts of the Supreme Corp reframed the blatant and insidious corruption behind campaign contributions in the McCutcheon decision. And those contributions by the rich are being courted big time by both the left and right. Said contributions also pay off when the recipients pass legislation to further enrich the powerful and further impoverish the rest of us.

President Obama, who talked a good game in 2008, has reneged on campaign reform pledges and is also taking the payola and handing out the favors. The revolving door from big business into and out of the administration continues unabated, maintaining favors and back door deals. The oligarchy marches on while politicians continue to prattle about democracy and caring for the rest of us. Empty words that will only change when this corrupt system of 'gratitude' is eliminated and campaigns are financed publicly, including fair taxes on the rich to pay for it.

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