Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Senate vote on overturning Citizens United

Here's the roll call vote on the amendment to reverse Citizens United. Not one Republican voted for it, not one Democrat voted against it. Polls consistently show Americans are against what Citizens United created and favor an amendment overturning it. Remember this come the November election, who supports we the people or the big money that could give a shit about us. Bring this vote up time and again as a clear example of what your vote will directly support. If you're tired of oligarchy and want a return to democracy, this vote couldn't be any more indicative.

Some polling results from this post:

"A recent poll commissioned by Public Citizen indicated that "more than three in five voters are opposed" to Citizens United (including 62 percent of independent voters and 58 percent of Republican voters), and majorities of both Democrats and Republicans supported a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United. A recent CBS News poll also showed that a strong majority of Americans from across the political spectrum believe that the wealthy unfairly influence elections, that there should be limits on individual campaign contributions, and that campaign spending from "outside groups" should also be limited -- the precise commonsense campaign finance laws that Citizens United and McCutcheon eliminated."

And from this post: 

"The Republican base splits with leadership: when provided with a short description of the amendment, Republican voters support it by a roughly 2-to-1 margin, and widely reject arguments against the amendment, according to a recent Democracy Corps poll conducted by both Republican and Democratic polling firms. The Democracy Corps survey found 'overwhelming cross-partisan support (73 percent) for a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United that can translate into added support for Democratic candidates who support the amendment and damage Republicans who oppose it.'"

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