Saturday, September 20, 2014

Maher on fear mongers

In the following video from last Friday's show, his special new rule is in our next rush to war. We just got done being tired of war and forced a withdrawal from Iraq and another from Afghanistan in the future. But a couple of beheadings and here we go again. The fear mongers are once again saying if we don't want war over this we are appeasers. Maher correctly points out that in rushing to war we are doing exactly what they want, so the fear mongers are the real appeasers.

Creating terror takes two, and the regressives are buying into it wholesale. Linsey Graham is convinced if we don't immediately go to war we'll all get killed back here, and as early as next week. Another regressive idiot actually said ISIS is already infiltrating the US border. Not only that, the 'other' brown people of Mexico are conspiring with them to cut off our heads with hedge trimmers.

Maher also notes, as I did in an earlier post, that these regressives fear things so remote as to be near impossible, yet haven't the least fear for real dangers as the chemicals Monsanto uses in week killer. That can't be fearful, it's business! The same goes for climate change, which regressives simply refuse to believe, as again, it's business.

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