Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Senator Warren on the revolving door

See her blog post on the topic in response to liberal Anthony Weiner criticizing her for berating former House majority Cantor for taking a Wall Street job. This is the difference between corporate liberals and progressives. The latter are not paid off and beholding to their corporate masters but fight both the masters and their congressional lapdogs, both Democrat and Republican. See the post for several examples of how this revolving door corrupts our democracy to the point of oligarchy.

Hence you'll get these corporate Democrats voting against financial reform. But you don't see the Congressional Progressive Caucus voting against it. See their agenda, which offers a very clear distinction. As they are in the minority their agenda does not get implemented, but that just means we need more of them in Congress to the point when they are the majority and that agenda sees enactment. That is real progress.

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