Monday, September 8, 2014

The Dalai Lama lets go of one myth

See this story. He doesn't think there is any longer a need for the institution of Dalai Lama. At least he's let go of one myth, that of a necessary hero/leader. And that a more peer-to-peer structure is sufficient to carry on the tradition. He still believes in other myths though, like reincarnation. And that his dreams foretell the future. One myth at a time I guess.

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  1. Balder replied to this in the IPS forum saying: "It might be the surrendering of a myth, or it might be a calculated political move. Or both. I'm sure he recognizes China's intent to influence the next selection process and get a Dalai Lama more favorable to their agenda, and he may be attempting to forestall that."

    I replied: Good point. It makes sense that the political consideration is a motivation since he's not giving up myth per se, still hanging on to others. I can't help but wonder though that his participation in the neuroscience studies with Thompson, and the latter's interpretations, aren't affecting him somewhat as well. DL, myth included, is still a smart cookie, even if a fortune cookie.


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