Sunday, September 21, 2014

Para and pama

The prefix meta is tired, as in metaphysical, so I now use paraphysical. Same with paratheory instead of metatheory. Para as prefix is used by Priest in describing a paraconsistent logic of the kind used by Nagarjuna, also (para)consistent with my applications. Also of note is the word paradox, literally "beyond belief." In a word then I am paraspiritual.

Pomo is the accepted short form of the word postmodern.
Many who think they've gone beyond postmodernism don't yet have a term for it so call themselves post-postmodern (popo for short). All of which reference back to modernism, so at least linguistically are still attached to it. (Actually more than just linguistically, but that a story for another day.)  Since Hermes is my pa/matron (andryogenous) saint, this IPS post discusses how postmetaphysical hermeneutics (a Hermes endeavor) gets at what I've been discussing. Also note this is fully articulated in the polydox theologians, so religion is going popo too. So maybe I'll start using pama for popo. Pama meaning the postmetaphysical (now paraphysical) and andryogenous connection between patron-matron (male-female, subject-object etc.) exemplified by Hermes.

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