Monday, September 22, 2014

The real regressive agenda behind the Hobby Lobby case

See this article. The Supreme Corp sided with Hobby Lobby that they don't have to provide contraception coverage based on religious grounds. The Obama administration, in trying to accomodate the ruling as well as provide that coverage for its employees, just asked for Hobby Lobby to provide the name of its insurance carrier so that the government could pay for it directly. But even that's not acceptable for Hobby Lobby. To provide that information would be accepting complicity in the contraception process so they don't even want to do that. Bottom line: if you work for Hobby Lobby you just cannot get contraception coverage, period. That's the agenda all along. No doubt next will be you cannot be in a homosexual relationship. Or have sex for anything other than procreation if in a sanctioned "Biblical" relationship. This win is only the beginning.

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