Thursday, December 12, 2019

Reich on Warren and Sanders

Together they are getting the majority of the progressive vote. They both fight the rigged corporate system. They agree that power must be redistributed from the 1% to the majority. Reich maintains it's why they are both hated by the corporate wing of the Dem Party and corporate media. Reich is right that they both have the best chance of beating Dump because they both motivate we the working people to vote. The dividing issue in the US today is the establishment versus we the people, and we know on which side Sanders and Warren are.

Now if only they can team up when it comes down to the top two candidates, assuming one of them will be. Then the leader can ask and hopefully get the other to be their VP pick. Together they will certainly beat Biden or some other establishment Dem pick, and they would certainly beat Dump. Then we can get back on track as a nation to reestablishing a democracy that works for all.

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