Monday, October 21, 2013

Both/and/neither/nor and 2nd tier

Layman Pascal started an IPS thread on a questionnaire to identify 2nd tierants. I responded that question 16 is a much more relevant and defining characteristic. Although I'd include 'neither/nor' (double negation) with 'both/and' (double affirmation) in keeping with his notions (and my comments) on adjacency. When asked to expand I added:

Kennilingus has a tendency in the 'both/and' to engage the metaphysics of presence that I've explored at length in the forum in various threads. This sort of dualistic metaphysics between absolute and relative is different from a metaphysics of both/and/neither/nor. The latter is more about mutual entailment and includes 'absence' or the withdrawn in ways discussed in the OOO thread and elsewhere, not at all akin to the sort of Causal Absolute formulated in kennilingus. If one is still holding to the latter their entire metaphysics is tainted and some of the other 2nd-tier characteristics could be just enthusiastic adherence to a more complicated but less complex 1st-tier structure.

A few sample posts that express the both/and/neither/nor: One, two, three, four, five. There are of course dozens if not hundreds more in the forum.

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