Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Justice Dept. is letting off Wall Street, again

The below is from The Other 98%:

Last night, I went on All In With Chris Hayes to discuss something that should be unbelievable: The Justice Department has evidence JP Morgan Chase committed major securities fraud – but instead of filing criminal charges, they’re negotiating with them to settle for a small fraction of the damage they did. Chase and Chase CEO Jamie Dimon broke the law, defrauded millions and crashed the economy. It's time for a perpwalk, not a negotiation.

The New York Times has reported that JPMorgan Chase’s CEO Jamie Dimon has been in regular contact with Eric Holder at the Justice Department, negotiating the terms of his own fines, tacitly admitting guilt without ever having to face a jury for his crimes or even publicly admitting wrongdoing. Isn’t is time we stopped letting the banks get away with buying off the government in exchange for escaping criminal charges? Especially when we are talking about a bank that continues to be charged with new offenses almost every month?

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