Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Michel Bauwens on the New Age

Recall this post on Andrew Cohen's dilemma. Then see Bauwens' article on the New Age. He highlights many of the problems of the so-called evolutionary enlightenment crowd like Cohen and Wilber. They are still caught up in the individual autonomy combined with guru worship phase. Both of which lead to ego inflation in terms of separate self-sense superiority due to achievement in attaining proficiency with a particular 'state' training identified with ultimate reality. Per Bauwens this alienates any sense of community outside the guru clan and hence an almost complete lack of wider community participation, even to the point of seeing such activism as some lower form of consciousness. Whereas in fact it is the lower form still caught in the kind of individuality rampant in market capitalism, of which this faction is also highly enamored via 'conscious capitalism.'

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