Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Petition to force a vote to end the shutdown

From Democracy for America:

John Boehner is doubling down on crazy, saying he will not bring a clean funding bill up for a vote and will instead continue the government shutdown indefinitely.

But House Democrats have a way to cut Boehner out of the process and force a vote on a clean funding bill. They just need 17 Republicans to join them in signing a discharge petition for it to work.

So far, 21 Republicans have said publicly that they support a clean funding bill. And 212,206 DFA and Daily Kos members have called on them to act -- will you add your name to help us reach 250,000 signatures today?

Please join DFA and Daily Kos in asking these 21 House Republicans to sign the discharge petition and end the shutdown.
Tea Party extremists shut down the government to force their right-wing agenda on the American people. John Boehner is unwilling to bring a clean funding bill up for a vote.

Fortunately, if a simple majority of representatives -- that’s just 217 because of vacancies in the House today -- sign the discharge petition, it will cut John Boehner’s legs out from under him. With 200 Democrats on board, we only need 17 Republicans to sign on and stand up against the extremism of their Tea Party colleagues.

Sign Daily Kos and DFA's petition: Ask these moderate Republicans to end the government shutdown by signing the discharge petition today.

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Andy Kelley, Digital Programs Manager
Democracy for America

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