Friday, October 18, 2013

Spaces between

Recall this prior post on riffing. Doh! Sometimes I'm Homer Simpson. It occurs to me all of the above are already part of my ILP. I did a brief explanation here (and following posts) how I applied tai chi practice as meditative method to my philosophical method, and which of course both create phenomenological states of awareness. Now my current practice is partner dance, which is all about connection, leverage, compression, space-time and so on. And it most definitely induces meditative states. And the same philosophical principles apply as previously stated in the links and per this forum using the IS in my postmeta theory of differance. I overlook the obvious sometimes since I'm so embedded therein.

Also see this post. It seems different methods enact different paradigms. Meditative and/or contemplative methods generally enact pre-linguistic image schema which seem to be a direct connection with or apprehension of a metaphysical and nondual thing-in-itself. But per the link this is the mediated 'gap between.' Hence I'm wondering if more embodied meditative modes, while connected, are still different from more linguistic modes with different methodologies.

Which of course reminds me of Edwards' mediating "space between," which can be words but also other communication like gestures and touch. Hence my image-schematic practice of partner dance inducing altered and nondual states.

And no wonder sexual tantra is a nondual practice. Which reminds me of Lady Gaga's trance-induced Hermetic states.

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