Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Regressives want you to give up

Robert Reich has it right yet again. The real regressive strategy behind the shutdown is to get everyone so disgusted with government that they give up any hope that it can do anything. Then the moneyed interests can more easily do what they want with little notice. It's a deliberate strategy to frustrate us to the point of not getting involved in changing this mess, to just focus on our own little lives. Of course, hand-in-hand with this is devolving the economy so that we are working twice and much to make half as much, again not having the time and interest to get politically involved. For when we do get involved, each one of us adds up our voices and things can and do change.

That is exactly the history of the progressive movement that has been fought by the regressives tooth and nail every step of the way, wanting only to preserve their privilege and power. But just take a look at history, from social security to Medicare to women and gay rights. Progress continues to march on despite the incredible money against it, and the plot to get us to quit. But when we don't quit we continue to win. So don't give up, for then you're giving in to what they want. Just know that by not quitting and keeping up the good fight we have, are and will continue to make progress for our citizens.

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