Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Since it is integrally fashionable to state we are post-postmodern to distinguish from those nasty relativists perhaps a new theurjianism might be popo? Pomo is a typical shorthand for postmodernism so why not popo for our advanced state? Never mind that many of those in the category of pomo are not, nor have every been, relativists. Or communists, for that matter. And that the very term pomo has come to erroneously be associated with relativism per the kennilinguists, who themselves have to denigrate that movement. And who, btw, are often pre-pomo, or prepo for short. Still, popo might do for those of us in need of distinction. And that it is close to poopoo adds an added dimension to our need.

Although given how OOO has changed some of us, perhaps pOOOpo? The extra two Os in the first syllable should be silent to indicate the withdrawn, still pronounced popo but the extra capitalized Os indicating the OOO influence. For fun we could also pronounce it poop po. And so on.

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