Thursday, October 10, 2013

Say NO to social security and Medicare cuts

The regressives are at it again, threatening to default on the debt if we don't cut the above benefits. The President and Democrats have stood firm on the Obamacare cuts and the regressives shut down the government, which is costing the regressives big time in the polls and they know it. We need to stand firm on this as well. If the regressives are stupid enough to default on the debt over it and cause international financial crises--and they just might, given they caused the financial crises of '08--then they will have committed suicide for their Party in the next election. Please see the below from AARP and consider taking a stand with them in encouraging the Dems and President that since they've now apparently grown a pair to keep up the good fight against these evil regressives.

You don't need to be a news buff to know Washington is in another showdown.
But what's not in the news is that, with just seven days before the debt ceiling deadline, many politicians are willing to cut your benefits to make a deal.
In front of the cameras, they're not saying much about Medicare and Social Security cuts – but when it comes to striking a deal, we know too well that many politicians look to use your benefits as bargaining chips.
We need to protect Social Security and Medicare, and we have to act fast – the White House and your members of Congress need to hear from as many people as possible.

In the past few years, Washington has proposed everything from raising premiums and deductibles for Medicare to one of the biggest threats in the current debate: passing the so-called "chained CPI," which would reduce your Social Security cost-of-living adjustment each year.
The chained CPI might sound complicated, but it comes down to three simple facts:
  • The average senior will lose thousands of dollars in benefits over a lifetime.
  • The cut compounds annually, meaning your benefit checks will see bigger reductions every year, making it harder and harder for you to pay your bills.
  • Social Security hasn't added a dime to the deficit, and cutting your hard-earned benefits as part of a political deal doesn't make sense – and isn't fair.
While the chained CPI can be a little confusing, one thing is not: we need to do everything we can to stop it from passing. Without your help before a bad political deal is made, this harmful Social Security cut could become law.
But that's not all – you could be paying higher premiums and copays for Medicare if politicians in Washington cut a bad deal. As if slashing your fixed income through chained CPI weren't enough, there are also plans on the bargaining table that make it harder to afford the health care you rely on.
The president and Congress must come to an agreement in a matter of days. Thanks for standing with us against Social Security and Medicare cuts as a part of any political deal.
Fred Griesbach
AARP Campaigns

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