Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Dissonance as transformational driver

Layman Pascal said in this IPS post: "Dissonant conditions, energetic instability, entropy, etc. can operate as transformational drivers." See that post and a few above for his investigation into this dynamic. My response from that thread follows. Of course this only works for those with progressive worldviews; regressives just ignore the dissonance. (See this post, #12.)

Speaking of which, I just created a new exercise in my yoga program. The driver was pulling my right knee last night after being in an extended bad posture while kneeling in my closet in search of something. The usual yoga tricks I've learned over the years had no effect so I started to experiment with postures and techniques not in the usual yogic repertoire. And I indeed found one that rolls and torques both my hip and knee in a way to alleviate the pain and I suspect will reinforce correct alignment between them. The driver for this creation was the dissonant condition for which there was no prescribed method for dealing with it, which led to a creative solution.

This is the same dynamic I see operating in capitalism, since its progression has been into rampant inequality, corruption etc. It is this dissonant and unstable condition that is leading to new forms of governance and socio-economic structures, not just band-aids on the old structure.

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