Friday, December 20, 2013

What Jesus would do

Recalling the humble beginnings of Christ in the straw of a manger, animals all around, Mary and Joseph not being able to afford a doctor and there was no Obamacare... Today's regressive conservatives would likely say they were lazy and shiftless and deny them any food to eat. They have forgotten the origins of their own professed religion, which they flout when it comes to values but they do not enact any of them. If Jesus as a strange beggar came knocking on their door for help he would be turned away. And that's the thing, the poorest and weakest among us have Jesus in them too, and deserve our respect and help. With the regressives set on ending the extension of unemployment benefits a few days after Christmas, as well as gutting food stamps, we all need to descend on them with the wrath of Jesus to the moneychangers and tell them to do what Jesus would do.

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