Thursday, December 5, 2013

Edgar Morin is just horizontally complex?

Out of curiosity I posted an inquiry on the adult development forum asking about Morin, what they think about his version of complexity. I provided a couple of his works as examples, "restricted complexity, general complexity" and "from the concept of system to the paradigm of complexity." Eeva Kallio, whom I've quoted in the "real/false reason" thread, said: "Love this kind of analyses." Not surprisingly, Commons marginalized it away with this: "This is about Horizontal Complexity, well known and well worked out." It's the MHC version of "it's the green meme stupid."

Which led me back to this blog post, "what is postformal enaction?" Btw, the referenced "postformal dialectics" series in that post can now be found at the new Open Integral archive here, November 2007.

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