Sunday, December 1, 2013

The science wars and capitalism

Continuing from the last post, this plays out even today in the science of complexity and quantum mechanics (e.g. see here). As a general rule you'll even tend to see that depending on which version of this scientific paradigm one falls whether they support or challenge the current capitalistic system. Also see Prigogine starting in this post and following. For example:

"Science today is at a 'pre-historic' stage of development" (viii).

"We have shown that the difficulties in the classical formulation come from a too narrow point of view concerning the fundamental laws of dynamics (classical or quantum)" (8).

"For classical physics and for quantum physics there is no privileged direction of time. Future and past play the same role.... The traditional description is deterministic, even in quantum theory....but the results obtained...contain certainly a large part of truth....[but] these descriptions are based on a too restricted form of dynamics" (10).

"It is remarkable that orthodox QM used classical integrable dynamical systems as a model.... For non-integrable systems the quite different....that is of systems for which we cannot construct a unitary transformation" (12-13).

"Integrable systems...refer in fact only to exceptional, ideal cases. We are living in a nature in which the rule is non-integrability" (16). That one has some serious implications reminiscent of ideal forms, etc.

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