Monday, December 16, 2013

Regressives don't want to help the unfortunate

Krugman nails it as usual. Obama and the Democrats actually enacted a number of GOP proposals into Obamacare, like higher deductibles, competition in exchanges, limited networks and cuts in Medicare. And now the regressives are railing against the very things they supported. Regressives will talk a good game but have absolutely no intention of every enacting any of the policies they espouse. It is empty rhetoric to distract from the fact that they've never enacted such policies when they have the power.

"Republicans don’t want to help the unfortunate. They’ll propound health-care ideas that will, they claim, help those with preexisting conditions and so on — but those aren’t really proposals, they’re diversionary tactics designed to stall real health reform. Chait finds Newt Gingrich more or less explicitly admitting this."

Health reform is about helping the unfortunate, hence regressives really oppose any reform and are just fine with the way things have been, denying coverage and raking in millions for their benefactors. So when their lips are moving about what they'd do to reform health care for the unfortunate, they are lying through their teeth. Just look at what they've done, not what they say. And that is nothing.

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