Sunday, December 8, 2013

Signs of a psychopath

This article is spot on in spotting a psychopath. It is geared to women recognizing the signs in their man, but I've experienced it by a man that wanted to manipulate me and these signs fit him like a glove. Once I recognized the signs I saw how he played every women in his life just like this. Some of them recognized it and got away. Unfortunately his current mate has yet to wake up, last I heard. And I learned the truth of this advice: "The only way to get rid of a psychopath is to completely go no contact." The bullet points follow, see the article for the details. Do you know this guy too?

1. Flattery like you've never heard before.
2. He is just like you. 
3. Pity plays.

4. Illnesses and injuries.
5. Great sex.
6. Cracks in the mask.
7. Silent treatment. 
8. Triangulation.
9. Discard.
10. "Hoovering."        

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