Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Wolf of Wall Street

Speaking of the Devil, I just saw the movie on Friday. Talk about the height of sales and advertising without depth and integrity. Here is the typical regressive agenda in action. Check out this open letter from the daughter of one of the Wolf's co-conspirators. She makes a good point that the movie glorifies the not only unethical but illegal conduct while spending no time on the devastating effects to victims. Instead of instilling in us a sense of injustice we want to be like him; it's the American Way.

While I detest the type of character portrayed by the Wolf, the movie nonetheless moved me to sympathize with him. It made his antics funny. He was kind and loyal to his partners and workers. He gave them opportunities to be wealthy. It fed my desire for success and happiness through achievement. And my lust for the gorgeous babes he got with ease. That it was all based on rampant greed, intentional deception, cruel manipulation, ethical depravity and illegal activity never struck a chord in me even though all that generally makes me queasy. That's why the movie is all the more insidious in feeding the (d)evil in our society. And this from liberal Hollywood?

If Lakoff is correct one can indeed frame an ad or sell a product based on integral values and be just as effective to our brainstem. In fact it did so in the last election, overcoming conservative big $ to fund lies and deception. Also see the previous post on Bernie Sanders New Year agenda.

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