Monday, December 2, 2013

Krugman shatters another regressive myth: minimum wage

And by myth I mean a narrative or ideology not based in proven facts and reality. Krugman shows that raising the minimum wage has little to no adverse effect on hiring. It will allow minimum wage workers, an estimated 30 million people, to reduce or eliminate supplements to their meager income with federal benefits like food stamps and Medicare. 60% of these workers are in sales and service, so this debunks the notion that we can ship these jobs overseas; one isn't going to go overseas for their burger or fries. And the majority of Americans support raising the minimum wage, including Republicans (57%) and self-identified conservatives (59%). Yet again another example of regressive rhetoric on the topic not at all matching the facts on the ground, since they are completely blinded by a failed ideology and just refuse to let it go. Yes, it is an illness, one that is creating a mass illness in our society.

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