Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Unacceptable budget compromise

Earlier today I got an email from Organizing for America asking me to support the budget deal worked out on a bi-partisan basis in the Senate. It's rationale was that both sides were working together, making compromises, and that's what we need to move the country forward. But when we compromise our fundamental progressive values in this deal, especially when it hurts people at the lower socio-economic spectrum, is that an acceptable compromise? And does not require any sacrifice from those most well off? I think not. This article lays out the deal, with the regressives "standing firm" and the Democrats, at least the corporate Dems, losing their spine once again and touting compromise with sadistic, greedy bastards at the expense of those in need as a solution. John Nichols calls is "cruel and irresponsible," which is being nice.

The following is from Democracy for America:

I expected Republicans to play Scrooge when it comes to holiday season spending cuts. I didn't expect Democrats to go along so willingly.

Last night, House and Senate negotiators introduced a "compromise" budget proposal that slashes federal workers' take home pay and will leave more than 1.3 million job seekers without unemployment benefits just after Christmas. It includes no tax increases on the wealthy. It continues the flow of corporate welfare through tax loopholes. The only people who will feel the completely unnecessary sting of these cuts are people who are already struggling to keep themselves afloat.

We will not accept a budget that forces average Americans to lose critical income over the holidays while leaving the wealthiest Americans untouched. Tell Congress to reject this proposal immediately.
Income inequality is the most important issue of our time, and DFA has been fighting to close the gap on every front, from defending the food stamp program to demanding that we expand Social Security and employers pay a livable wage. So it was great to hear President Obama speak at length last week about the many things we must do now to address income inequality -- including extending unemployment benefits.

But words without actions don't count for much -- and this proposal is a slap to the face of working Americans who heard that speech and thought Democrats were getting serious about leveling the playing field. This "compromise" doesn't just neglect the spending we should be doing on things like infrastructure and education that would help get our economy back on track. It actively pulls the rug out from under millions of people already suffering because of previous rounds of Republican spending cuts.

It is simply not acceptable: Democrats can't continue to pretend they represent our interests and then accept legislation that hurts working families. The American people need champions right now. They don't need lip service. They need their elected representatives to take a real stand.

The status quo isn't good enough anymore. We need a budget that actively helps people get ahead, not one that leaves millions of them behind. Tell Congress settling is not an option -- reject this proposal and any proposal that would hurt hard-working Americans.

Thank you for taking action,


Karli Wallace, Campaign Organizer
Democracy for America

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