Sunday, March 16, 2014

A letter to the haters

This letter is a must read for progressives. The author points out that regressives hate Obama so much that they'd rather see the country fail than give Obama any credit. They espouse patriotism yet really don't give a shit about the country if it means progressive policies will improve it. They're really about hating a lot of things, as hate is the key to their ideology. This letter says a lot of the things I've said in a lot of different places, but it's all wrapped up in one accurate and incisive diatribe. Please pass it along if you agree.

Also see this letter to a young man who has been abused by the 1% and is proud of it! Like he's some kind of hero because he works 60 hours a week in 2 jobs with no health insurance so the rest of us must be lazy to complain. And this is the American dream he wants?  This is what we've come down to with the 1%ers; fighting over what little crumbs are left and hating the others struggling for them too.

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