Friday, March 28, 2014

Fuck Noah, hail Cesar Chavez

I saw it today knowing it would be the mythical crap from the Bible. But I thought I'd give it a chance, giving Aronofsky's involvement. Sure, the CGI and cinematography are spectacular but it's still the same mythic and magical crap. I'd had enough when Noah tells his wife that in another of his visions from God Almighty he saw that he and his family were corrupt no-good sinners too and had to die with the rest of impure humanity. I held on a bit longer to see the flood come but shortly thereafter Noah and family are sitting around hearing the human screams of agony outside from those who survived the first wave. With absolute conviction that those people deserved their fate, or rather God's will, he starts telling the story of Genesis. That was the last straw and I walked out.

I was however in time to see Cesar Chavez from the start in another theater.

Now there's a real hero who alleviated the suffering of the downtrodden and liberated farm workers from the hideous conditions under which they were subjected. And against seemingly insurmountable odds, since the growers, the police and the politicians were all against them. Except for Senator Kennedy, who paid with his life for supporting Chavez and the workers movement. This is what it takes to fight the real evil in this world, the greed and corruption, to provide living wages and safe working conditions. Not some bullshit story about a God who hates mankind and wants to drown most all of his children to death.

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