Friday, March 28, 2014

Senator Warren rips Obama administration on Sallie Mae

See this article. She is the difference between a true progressive and those who pretend. The administration is going to renew its contract with Sallie Mae (SM) to service student loans. The admin defends this by asserting that if it saw evidence something was amiss it would take action. Warren points out that SM has not only repeated broken rules and violated contacts but it is under federal investigation for such activity. And therein lies the difference: Warren rightly thinks we should not be doing business with cheaters and the admin, while decrying such behaviors, continues to engage with them.

I really hope Warren decides to run for President. She has the support of progressive America, with recent polls showing this is where the majority lies. It's time we had the people's candidate in the Presidency rather than more of the same corporate Democrats like Hillary and Obama. Obama paved the wave being halfway there. It's time to go all in with Warren.

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