Saturday, March 8, 2014

The regressives' fascination with Putin

This is not surprising. In the US the regressives are now in love with Russian dictator...I mean President...Putin. Really. While others like Germany's Chancellor Merkel thinks Putin is in another world, not in touch with reality. Stewart calls him "a semi-delusional autocrat," who has "confused his own geo-political propaganda for reality." So who likes Putin? He gives numerous examples from Faux Snooze, who find Putin to be "a real leader," or "decisive." Stewart doesn't think Putin displays leadership but rather behaves more like a toddler. All heaped with regressive love for those that appear "manly." Yes, their definition of manly is toddler behavior that requires a disconnect from adult reality who are autocratic and deluded. A perfect description of a regressive. And why they love Putin and hate that grown up, Obama.

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