Saturday, March 8, 2014

Enlist Amazon, Facebook, Google, Netflix and Yahoo for net neutrality

Do we really want to privatize yet one more commons for the public good? And make it so that only the rich can have access to global communication? If you purport to want democracy then free access to information is critical. Controlling said access is the hallmark of fascist totalitarianism. And this is not hyperbole but fact. Choose sides and take action before you no longer have the choice.

The following is from freepress:

Think about how much you rely on companies like Amazon, Facebook, Google, Netflix and Yahoo. They deliver our email, our news, our entertainment; they keep us connected to friends and family — and they allow us to look up pretty much anything. And just like us, these companies will suffer in a world without Net Neutrality. Here's the hard truth: A world without Net Neutrality means the messages we send to our families and friends might not get through. The videos we want to watch might not load. The apps we want to use might not function. The Internet we love could be destroyed. No one (except AT&T, Verizon and all those other greedy Internet service providers) wants this kind of world. That’s why we’re working with RootsAction to push companies like Google to help us bring Net Neutrality back.

Most of these CEOs have expressed their support for the open Internet. But since a court threw out the FCC’s Net Neutrality rules in January, they’ve said nothing about an issue that could make or break their businesses — and our online lives. The only way we’re going to win back Net Neutrality is if FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler finds the courage to do the right thing. And a message from Google’s Larry Page or Amazon’s Jeff Bezos carries a lot of weight in Washington.

We’re in a scary new era: Comcast and Verizon have been making Netflix videos harder to download. Google (which owns YouTube) could face the same treatment. This is just the beginning of the ISPs’ campaign to wring every last cent they can out of the Internet.

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