Thursday, March 27, 2014

Progressive dogfight to retain the Senate

Democrats are a titter and a Twitter over Nate Silver's prediction that the GOP has a slight advantage to win the Senate in 2014. Others are predicting likewise, so progressives have to get off their asses and get busy to ensure this doesn't happen. We can turn around their slight advantage into our own but we're going to have to work hard at this one. And get progressives out to vote for the mid-terms. Here's Senator Warren and the Progressive Change Campaign Committee on two key races.

If you think things are dysfunctional in Washington now, just imagine what will happen if Democrats lose control of the Senate. Scary, huh? But that’s the future we’ll have to live with if we don’t get to work right now. Two of my Democratic colleagues in the Senate, Tom Harkin of Iowa and Tim Johnson of South Dakota, are retiring this year. Karl Rove and the Koch Brothers are already spending huge amounts of money to pick up those seats. 

Luckily, we’ve got two smart, experienced, bold progressives running in Iowa and South Dakota: Bruce Braley and Rick Weiland. The Progressive Change Campaign Committee and I are proud to endorse their campaigns.

Bruce Braley led the Populist Caucus in the House of Representatives – and is focused on economic fairness, investing in education, and addressing our retirement crisis. Rick led South Dakota’s AARP and federal emergency management in his state, and he worked as a top Senate aide. He is campaigning actively on campaign finance reform and taking back government for hard-working everyday people.

I know we can count on Bruce and Rick to be strong voices in our fight to level the playing field for working families – whether it’s protecting Social Security for our seniors, making college more affordable for our kids, or holding powerful interests accountable.

That’s precisely why the right-wing Super PACs are already lining up to stop Bruce and Rick from going to the Senate. With two new Senate pickups on the line, they’ll say whatever they need to say and spend whatever they need to spend to win. 

I know that bold progressives like you can stand up to the most powerful interests. I know it because I saw it for myself when you encouraged me to run for the Senate in Massachusetts, and I saw it as you fought by my side every step of the way.

Thanks for all your support -- and for being a bold progressive.
Senator Elizabeth Warren

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