Wednesday, March 12, 2014


In this post Bryant informs us that his new book is in circulation. Recall in this post I asked him why this one was not published in open source. He said that it was up to the publisher to not do so. But it was up to Bryant to choose this publisher. I'm wondering if he had a choice to publish it with Open Humanities Press, who published his previous book open source? And if so, why not choose open source again, given his diatribe in this post that publishing in the usual way sets up all of those onto-cartographic barriers for most people to read such texts, thereby perpetuating what he purports to be against in the new book.
Anyone else feel this way? I'd like to read it but I know I'm not likely to buy the book due to its prohibitive cost. And it won't be available at my local library given its academic publishing status. Sure it will likely be available in a college or university library, to which I do not have access not being a student or teacher. All of those are exactly the type of gravitational obstructions to wide dissemination that keeps the knowledge locked in academic feedback loops about which he rails.

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