Saturday, March 15, 2014

Boycotts on St. Paddy parades anti-gay stance

Heineken and Sam Adams are both boycotting the Boston and New York St. Paddie's parade because of the parade's anti-gay policy. Actually parade organizers say they are not ant-gay per se, and gays can participate, they just can't self-identify as gay. I imagine they can though self-identify as Irish. The NY mayor is also boycotting his city's parade.

So the regressives think openly gay pride should not be allowed because this is after all a Catholic holiday.* As if there aren't any gay priests? Or there isn't a history of priests sexually abusing young boys? The latter is probably in large part due to the religious dogma about homosexual behavior. If the religion (Roman Catholicism) allowed homosexuality then their priests, not having to repress and hide their proclivities, would likely have healthy homosexual relations and partners. But the regressives simply cannot admit that there is any health involved with homosexuality; it's a crime against God, damn it!

Note that not all Roman Catholics buy this crap (e.g. Colbert). But accepting homosexuality is not the official policy of their church.

* Also note that the regressives used the same arguments in their openly anti-gay bills recently proposed in many states under the guise of 'religious freedom.' And which laws are dropping like flies due to their openly discriminatory policy.

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