Saturday, March 8, 2014

Join Senator Warren in a Senate session on climate change

Senator Warren is asking us to participate in the upcoming Senate panel on climate change by going to this site. Therein you can tell your story of how you see our world in 25 years with little to no policy changes on climate change. Warren will read or discuss some of these stories on the Senate floor during this session. I completed that form as follows:

In 25 years? What about right now? Already we're seeing a shift in the polar vortex, shifting much farther south than it should. We're seeing more intense storms and droughts. And there is no question this is caused by the increasing overall warming of the planet.
And it will only get worse. As polar icecaps continue to melt sea levels in coastal towns will rise, inundating them to the point of evacuation. Droughts will get longer and fresh water supplies with literally dry up. Already there is not enough water to supply California's central valley farms and has to be shipped in. Ozone holes will get bigger allowing for more and more radiation, causing even more skin cancer cases that are already on the rise.

All of which will continue to degrade the US and world economy, for it's an obvious yet apparently neglected fact that economies depend on natural resources. When they go so too does any kind of living standard for most of the rest of us. Sure, the rich will have made their golden parachutes by then. And live in armed fortresses with hoarded water and food supplies. But the rest of us will be at their gates, starving and thirsty and roasting our asses off due to the world they created from their greed and insanity.

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