Monday, March 31, 2014

Tarot, categories & the unconscious

I posted the following in the IPS thread on the Noah movie:

To riff on Joseph's comment about God or the Real not fitting into categories, I offer this book for this thread: Jung and tarot: An archetypal Journey by Sallie Nichols. There is a free Google book preview here. She chose the Marseilles deck because it does not have accompanying text to categorize the symbols into some system like the Golden Dawn or BOTA. Also the following from the introduction might be a message for our desire to continually categorize into ever more complex meta-systems. That the practice just might be to bring awareness into deeper contact with the unconscious via symbol rather than higher and more complex abstract categories. Just maybe.

"Intellectual categories are a way of systematizing our experience of this nonverbal world. [...] Each such system is useful [...] but each in unique. [...] But to superimpose these many grids, one atop the other, would be to distort their symmetry and destroy their usefulness" (6).

I'm wondering if the Trump Judgment might fit the Noah story?

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