Monday, March 24, 2014

Climate change is already here

See this article and the IPCC website. The IPCC's working group fifth assessment report is due out 3/31/14. The article discusses some previews of the report that says human life is already being seriously affected by climate change and it will only get worse. All of which are caused by producing and burning fossil fuels. Current changes include an

"increase in heat waves in North America, Europe, Africa and Asia. Severe floods, such as the one that displaced 90,000 people in Mozambique in 2008, are now more common in Africa and Australia. Europe and North America are getting more intense downpours that can be damaging. Melting ice in the Arctic is not only affecting the polar bear, but already changing the culture and livelihoods of indigenous people in northern Canada."

Not too distant changes will include more extreme weather, increasing sea level rises, food and water shortages, increased violence, major health crises and increasing wealth disparity. Something to look forward to, all because of a very sick, greedy few.

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