Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Integral warriors

Layman Pascal has an IPS thread, Only the Athenians Exist. The article therein asks if integralites are willing to fight, and even die if necessary, to defend their worldview. He uses historical examples of those who did so in the name of democracy, for example. The following is my initial response.

As is no doubt already obvious, I am a fighter. But the fight for me is not so much to protect the integralites but a slide away from democracy. As you well note, a lot of people died to instill democracy, and it required that sort of fight. And we are losing that democracy to the regressive forces from which we forged it in blood in the first place.

So I fight tooth and nail, at least with words at this point, in the hopes that through motivating people to political action this will be enough. Even on this level it has cost me dearly, in terms of losing and/or getting jobs for being so outspoken. But it's a sacrifice I'm willing to make. And yes, even to go to actual war and die if necessary.

If we don't win this war you can forget any highfalutin ideas about an integral culture emerging. This is the war to be won here and now. We are still Athenians fighting off the Persians.

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