Monday, March 31, 2014

Walmart faces reality, sort of

See this story. Walmart has a problem keeping their shelves stocked fully and properly. The cause? Walmart has fired 20,000 workers since 2008 while opening 650 stores. They don't have enough workers to get the job done, with the current workforce having to work overtime and in unfamiliar departments. It's not enough that they pay them like shit, they have to work them to the bone by doing more than one job. So they finally got the message they need to hire an adequate workforce instead of pushing fewer to do more.

For now. Just wait, when the shelves are stocked they'll do it again. You see, the owners don't make enough money as it is, those poor, abused rich 'job creators' providing abundant opportunities for us if we'd but only get off our lazy asses and work two jobs for the price of half of one. We should be grateful, get on our knees and kiss their ring. Oh wait, we did that back in feudal days. Oh wait again, we are back in feudal days, sorry. We need to be those 'happy slaves' the regressives like to mention in response to the movie 12 Years a Slave.

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