Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Sometimes you just gotta punch them out

I worked in corporations for many years, trying to inculcate progressive ideas in the most subtle of ways, given they were outright rejected. I had little to no effect in that regard. There were a few like-minded others in said corps working with me, but even together we were no match for the ingrained corporate worldview and structure.

I'm reminded of the Wolf of Wall Street, who started out with delusions of helping people but was quickly corrupted by the system. Or good-intentioned greenwashing like Whole Foods, which has been corrupted by capitalism. Systemic change requires large political change. And when dealing with bullies like the plutocrats and oligarchs sometimes (ofttimes?) the only thing they understand is a punch in the face (or wallet).

As an adept of the martial application of tai chi, it certainly requires a lot of proprioceptive subtlety and sensitivity. But it also trains in quite hard, even brutal, explosive martial techniques. And how to use them in combination with soft where appropriate. There are times when one just has to punch someone out, plain and simple. Or use high velocity adjustments like chiropractic in a healing application. As always, focus, sensitivity and precision are key.

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